We Art One create art education and murals paintings in Nepal. We give access to art education to underprivileged children in Nepal.
Our aim is to cultivate the importance of creativity and self-expression through art activities. We focus as much as possible on recycling and eco-friendly craft to enlighten future generations… Because We Are All One.

We Art One créé une éducation artistique et des fresques murales au Népal. Nous donnons accès à une éducation artistique aux enfants au Népal.
Notre but est de promouvoir l’importance de la créativité et de l’expression de soi à travers des activités artistique. Nous nous concentrons le plus possible sur un art eco-friendly pour éduquer les générations futures… Parce que nous sommes tous Un. 




  • Amazing experience with Maëlle and the other volunteers! We painted some walls in a dental clinic in a fun atmosphere and I really enjoyed it! Maëlle is professional and managed the project super well so it made the whole thing flow nicely.

    Gabrielle M-p

  • Maëlle is a wonderful artist who gives her heart to all the projects she is involved in. I highly recommend this organization which spreads colors, life and good vibes around, and our world needs it so much! Highly recommended.

    Alice Becker

  • maeille is a wonderful , professional and very talented artist. I was privileged to help her with a dental clinic mural

    Ann Admon

  • We Art One is a bunch of very creative and hard working people. A Big Thank You to all the members who helped to paint the beautiful mural in our School.

    Madan Shreshta

  • ❤️❤️❤️ bravo à tous pour ce bel engagement……personnes extraordinaires…un bel exemple à suivre.

    Francine Hiver

  • Amazing ,motivating,helpful project with so many creative ideas .most of all wonderful people running it

    Susmita Thapa