So we joined this super cool project supporting a Women’s Empowerment Center in Kathmandu ! The project is to paint all the walls of the empowering center where those women produce handicraft in the best conditions. Last pictures are the new mural MaĆ«lle started today. Representing the first part of […]

First Mural at Women’s Empowerment Center in Kathmandu

It took us 5 days to refresh the entire clinic, working from 12pm to 8pm ! First day we bought 10L of that light green weathercoat paint (50euros) Thanks to 3 donors (Kathy, Mary & Tamara for their donations of a total of 40euros). Because the clinic is very busy […]

Animal Medical Centre, Kathmandu, before and after

We Art One wants to help AMC Animal Medical Centre, which is the best veterinary clinic in Kathmandu, Nepal.Our project is to paint the clinic with a colorful illustration about compassion, kindness and empathy towards animals and to highlight and support those whom dedicate their lives to help and save […]

Mural painting in AMC Veterinary Clinic in Kathmandu