First Mural at Women’s Empowerment Center in Kathmandu

So we joined this super cool project supporting a Women’s Empowerment Center in Kathmandu ! The project is to paint all the walls of the empowering center where those women produce handicraft in the best conditions. Last pictures are the new mural Maëlle started today. Representing the first part of a sunset gradient with an upcoming forest and woman silhouette, to express freedom. They are looking for more artists to come spend time there and paint. If you want to join the project, let us know. International artists are very welcome!

First mural done by Maëlle in collaboration with Emilie an artist from France, based on her original ideas. Both Left “sunset” and right “sunrise” walls are linked together. The aim was to express women empowerment and ‘the freedom to become what they want.’ More Murals will follow in the next few weeks, as every floor hallways of the building are looking to be painted with different illustrations.

Click the link below if you wish to support us! Thank you!